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Dispensary Practicioners Chart Chorley.
By John Harrison (Jan 2023)
The Leigh/Lea Midwives in Eighteenth Century Chorley.
By John Harrison (Jan 2022)
Shareholders in the Co-operative Mill from 1862 and 1867 by John Harrison May 2022.
Hadrian’s Wall discovered underneath one of Newcastle’s busiest streets - by John Harrison. Excerpts from Crooke Hall to Lisieux Hall (Whittle-le-Woods). By B.D. Kelly
William Karfoot: A Lancashire Co-operator and more Wed 15th Sep 2021 14:00 to 15:00. Paul Salveson talk
'Will yo' come o' Sunday Mornin'? - the 1896 Battle for Winter Hill'
At Salford Library. 100 yards from Salford Crescent Railway Station.
Some notes on the history of Chorley Photographic Society. The building of Chorley & District Hospital 1933
The night the Welsh invaded Horwich & Winter Hill mast (1977)
by Bill Kay
The night the Welsh invaded the Winter Hill TV mast (1977) - the Welsh view
by Angharad Tomos
National shopping revolution founded in a Lancashire village (from John Harrison).
Lancashire Evening Post June 2020.
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From John Harrison re: local Mayflower 400 celebrations.
This article has been written by the BBC's American correspondent, Nick Bryant.
Florence Nightingale: The Chorley Connection by John Harrison. Peterloo, The Riot Act and Chorley Connections: by John Harrison.
Pele Tower, Chorley used by the Standish Family
Co-operation in Chorley 1830-1880 A False Dawn by John E. Harrison (update).
The Gillibrands, coal mining and Gillibrand Hall Historical notes on Withnell water supplies, near Chorley.
Demolition of Gillibrand Hall Viaduct. Gillibrand Hall Viaduct May2019 update
Duxbury Park Colliery - Duxbury Township Trail. Duxbury Turnpikes
Destruction of Duxbury Hall by Fire 1859 Duxbury Contested Inheritance 1812
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Significant dates in Chorley's Past. Lancashire Local History Federation Newsletters.
Archaeological Evaluation of former Vertex Site, Duxbury Park, Chorley Excavation of Millrace, Duxbury Mill, Chorey by Chris Howard-Davis
Historic Crete by Christine and John Harrison Oct 2015
The Necropolis of Armenoi is believed to be the greatest Late Minoan cemetery (c1400-1200BC), Medieval Church Frescoes &
World War 2 Memorials
Closure of Eaves Lane Bus Depot, Chorley
Twentieth Century History:The Challenge for future Chorley Historians The Chorley Branch of the Guild of Calico Printers, Bleachers, Dyers, Finishers, Foremen. By John Harrison
  David Ratledge has produced a much updated website covering the Roman Roads in Lancashire.
“It is a bad bird that fouls its own nest”
A Debate between Co-operators in Letters to the Chorley
Standard April/May 1868. John E Harrison (updated Dec 14).
CHAS Trip to Beamish and Chillingham 21-22 June 2014.
Early Years of Co-operation in the Chorley District
(the Co-operative movement) by John Harrison
(updated Dec 14)
Recollections on Education 1899 [pdf file]
(thanks to Joan D. for the transcription)
Whittle-le-Woods pillbox and AA gun emplacement report Mar 2013 (5.5Mg) The Whittle-le-Woods Photo Archive
Land at Coppull Moor Lane, geophysical survey 2011 (3.3Mg) Robert Egan who was born in Standish Street, Chorley, on September 20 1846.
The Wishing Well - A Story of the Withnell Moorlands by A Moorland Lad (Richard Robinson) Including notes on Hollinshead Hall (pdf file 29Mg). What a Han(d)som(e) building! (Mar 2012)
  Chorley Cemetery Sonnet (1860)
Notes from the Archives Chorley Mills
Fifty Year of Cycling in Chorley 1880 - 1932
Reminiscences of Weird Machines and Doughty Riders.
The Flat Iron a collection of local history articles (pdf format 29Mg)
  Celtic cross marks the site of St Helen's Well, Whittle-le-Woods / Brindle.
A Walk Through Chorley's Criminal Past St James' Primary School, Devonport Way, Chorley, by Estelle Briers
A Walk Through Euxton's Criminal Past Haddock Fold, Heath Charnock.  (Jul 2010)
  William Lawrence's Mills, Lyons Lane Chorley (Oct 2011 update)
John Rigby :The Founder of a Chorley Medical Dynasty William Adams (1832 - 1906) and his visit to Chorley

The Co-operative Movement by John Harrison

Vikings in the North West by John & Christine Harrison
Co-op additional report by Joan & Kevin Dickinson Lady Anne Clifford (1590-1676) and her visit to Chorley in 1616
The 'Seaview' , Whittle-le-Woods    (Jul 2010) Campaign for Public Baths in Victorian Chorley by John Harrison
Jeremiah Horrocks and the transit of Venus at Astley Hall, Chorley, Tue 8 June 2004 Poor Law Apprentices in Euxton Cotton Mill by John Harrison
The development of the landscape around Astley Hall, Chorley The Brindle hoard of Roman coins
Yarrow Valley Country Park new guides [Oct 09] (pdfs)
Yarrow Valley Map & text 3.9Mg
When a teacher’s testimonial was a political act.
One of the turning points in the development of Chorley as a town. By John Harrison (Jul 2008)
Birkacre “Our Story” by G. Bellis & R. Roocroft When a teacher’s testimonial was a political act - footnote.
by John Harrison (Jul 2010)
Chorley Library booklet of the 1906-2006 centenary now available as a pdf file. Founding background of the Society
The Prehistoric and Roman period in Chorley:
Sites and finds - an overview by Jack Smith.
Further notes on the history of the Society and projects undertaken
The Civil War in Lancashire (pdf of 25Mg) Constitution (Sep 2011).
Chorley and District Halls A short history of Chorley by the Rotary Club (pdf file of 6Mg)
A Taste of Life in 1868 Chorley Withnell Explosive Works (36Mg).