Chorley, Lancs.
by Joan Dickinson.
(Jun 2010)


1841 CENSUS shows a James Astley aged 55 living at Pipers Row Whittle-le-Woods with his family, wife Elisabeth aged 55, and children William aged 20, John aged 20 and Ann aged 20. Alice aged 15, James aged 12 and Elisah aged 7. As John and Ann were both born at Heapey- we can assume they were probably twins. (James also 20 but was born at Wheelton).
Other families living in Pipers Row Cottages on the 1841 CENSUS were :- William Howarth aged 30, Bridgett wife aged 35, John aged 10 James aged 8, Ann aged 5, William aged 4, along with James Holsen aged 30 and John Rose aged 30 ( possibly lodgers). Another cottage housed Michael Preston aged 25, Margaret wife, aged 25, James aged 2, Margaret aged 3 weeks. John Baxendale aged 20 and John Baxendale aged 60. (possibly father and brother of Margaret Preston ?) by 1891 one or two of the cottages had started selling beer as on the 1891 CENSUS it shows William James Desoer aged 38 living at Sea View Preston Road, Whittle-le-Woods, being named as a Beer Seller and also a labourer at a Brewery ( Whittle Springs perhaps ?) He lived with his wife Mary Ann aged 32, and family Mary Alice aged 11, Ada Elizabeth aged 9, Ethel aged 7, Bertram aged 5, Ernest James aged 1 and Richard (a cousin of William, aged 20).

1901 CENSUS shows that James Bond aged 50 was the Inn Keeper at the Sea View along with his wife Elizabeth aged 44, Benjamin aged 21, Nanny aged 17 and brother John aged 54.
1911 CENSUS shows James Bond, Head, aged 60, Beer and Wine Retailer Sea View Wife Elizabeth aged 54 and daughter Nanny aged 27.

From John Wilsons Book "Chorley Church" P78. Chorley Centenarians. "On the 22.11.1699 was buried the oldest of the Centenarians who figure in the Register. Namely: ROGER PIPER aged 106 years, from Pipers Row Whittle-le-woods. Roger built the cottages, Pipers Row, where the Sea View now stands. J.D.

Landowners, John and Mary Piper
Occupiers, James Astley and others
Tithe No. ref. to Plan, 532
Description of premises, 6 cottages, Pipers Row, Whittle-le-woods
Rent Charge, payable to Vicar of Leyland, - 2d per year. (copy of payment made on 7th August 1845.)
1851 CENSUS shows John Piper aged 63 being a farmer of 75 acres at Whittle-le-woods, with his sister Mary aged 65 (housekeeper), Seth Polly, aged 28, Farmers servant, and Jane Hatch 19, house servant.
1861 CENSUS shows that John Piper now aged 73 lived at one of the Pipers Row Cottages and was an agricultural labourer.
ELECTORAL ROLL 1891 shows William James Desoer Sea View, and Richard Parker Sea View.
ELECTORAL ROLL 1905 shows James Bond Sea View. ( who is named in the picture, showing the Sea View and advertising Whittle Springs Brewery, ) as the Landlord at the time.
Whittle Springs Brewery state :- local public houses, like the Sea View and the Bay Horse, amongst others, proudly carried a header board proclaiming they sold "WHITTLE SPRINGS NOTED ALES AND STOUTS" (picture)
"January13th 1967 Chorley Guardian Report : Know Your Local : The Last Pub in Whittle:
"The name of the Sea View pub really needs no explanation. From it you can literally see the sea.
The Inn also has the distinction of being the first pub in Whittle, or if you are going the other way, the last one. The Boundary Stone is against the forecourt wall.
Small with low ceilings, the Sea View is one of the few pubs of character in these parts. If it was in the South of England, oak beams would have been introduced in all kinds of places and mullioned windows added.
I very much doubt, however, that the Sea View is older than the 19c. A map one hundred years old does not show an Inn there at all. There is just a row of cottages, known as Pipers Row, and these run right to the boundary. My guess is that the last two cottages were turned into a pub.
Before this the nearest pub to the Boundary was the Oddfellows Arms, in the building behind the Jubilee Filling Station. The first reference to the Sea View, I can find is, to William Desoer licensed Beer Seller in 1891.

Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society.
June 2010. J.D.


Pipers Row in 1848

Pipers Row and the Seaview in 1894

The Seaview in 2010