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Reproduced from 'A History of CHORLEY'
by Jim Heyes.
The  intention is to expand on the list with more information on the sites as it becomes available.
Date Name of Mill Location


Worked By

Type / notes
1791 Low Mill Near Chorley (Whittle le Woods?)   John Gill Calico Printing (previously a corn mill)
Source: Handbook of The Guild of Calico Printers, Bleachers, Dyers, and Finishers, Foremen (1923) : "Calico Printing in Manchester and District- Notes on its Early History (1760-1846) by the General Secretary (John Hinckley)
1777 Birkacre R. Yarrow   Rd. Arkwright Spinning (water). Destroyed by rioters 1779
1826   Water Street.   Thomas Lightoller and William Harrison Power Looms. Attacked by loom breakers April 1826. Lightoller was bankrupt in 1829.
1826   No location yet.   H. Sudel (probably Henry Sudell of Blackburn, the most important merchant and putter out in East Lancashire. Power looms destroyed by loom breakers 27 April 1826. Sudell was bankrupt in 1827.
1831 The Co-operative Society of Silk and Calico Printers, Birkacre. River Yarrow   Block Printers Union lead by Ellis Piggott Printworks. Bankrupt 1833
1780 Astley Park R. Chor   Townley-Parker Carding engine
    Lords Clough,
banks of river Chor.
  Wm. Partington. Carding Engine, pre 1785
    The Holmes   Henry Lathom. Carding Engine, pre 1785
1786 Crosse Hall Black Brook   James Duxbury, Rice and Evans.
(1786-1793). Business failed.
Rice and Evans left.
1838 Richard Cobden and Bro.
Info from John Graham's "The Chemistry of Calico Printing and History of Printworks in the Manchester District from 1760-1846"
1793 Worked by Hall (Sometimes "Hole"), Wilkinson and Gartside. This was successful for several years, but when they gave up the business the premises were unoccupied for 2 years. Worked by Richard Cobden and Bro. from 1838.
1786 Tootell Street -do-   Richard Salisbury Spinning (Jennies, etc.)
1788 Water Street -do-   Robert Lightoller
William Harrison and Thomas Lightoller
Spinning; Trig Hall.
April 1826 Mill attacked by East Lancashire machine breakers. 80 powerlooms destroyed. Harrison and Lightoller declared bankrupt 1827.
1789 - Hollinshead Street   John Ryding Thomas Hindle
1790 Heapey Mill Printing      
1791 Lower Burgh -do-   John Parkinson Spinning; fire 1791
1793 Cowling Bridge -do-   Birch Rees & Evans Printworks
1795 - Hollinshead Street   Joseph Pilkington Bankruptcy 1795
1802 Old Mill Standish Street   Robert Lightoller Spinning
1804 - Water Street   Hilton & Sale Boulton & Watt steam engine
1815 Waterloo Mill Water Street   James Anderton  
1819 - Standish Street   Robert Lightoller Gas lighting introduced
1820 'The Factory' Town's Green   Thomas Brown Sales 1817 and 1820
1824 Cowling Mill Cowling   Hole & Wilkinson Calico printing
1824 Old Mill Preston Street   Richard Smethurst Spinning
1826 Water Street -do-   Hilton Spinning
1834 New Mill North Street   Richard Smethurst Spinning
1840 Sherbourne Lyons Lane   Lawrence Anyon Fire 1873
1842 Stump Stump Lane   Messrs Wallwork Spinning: renamed Fosterfield 1855
1851 Tower Mill North Street   Richard Smethurst Destroyed by fire 1911
1851 Redan Mill Cowling   Heyworth  
1851 Friday Street Friday Street   George Brown Power looms introduced
1851 Castle Mill Albion Street   Foster Wilson & Gornall 1858
1852 Moor Mill Pall Mall   Rice and Hall Muslin goods
  Croft Mill Pall Mall   Rice & Co. Muslin goods
1852 Victoria Mill Lyons Lane   Lightoller Fire 1909
1857-8 Lawrence's Lyons Lane   William Lawrence First mill - (Demolished 2010)
1856 Canal Botany Bay   William Widdows originally built for R. Smethurst
1857 Dole Lane Dole Lane   William Atherton Jacconets
1861 Primrose Friday Street   George Brown  
1861 Greenfield Steeley Lane initially co-operatively owned until c1880 Brindle (1903) Sale: 1880: 547 looms
1861 Weld Bank Saville Street   Rice- 1 86 1 Weaving
1866 Lawrence's Lyons Lane   William Lawrence Second mill
1866 Primrose Shed Friday Street   George Brown Weaving
1872 Heapey Bleachworks Heapey   Rylands & Co. 1871-2 Old Works demolished
1874 Brook Street Tatton Street   James Fletcher  
1886 Progress Mill Seymour Street   Thomas Howarth over 200 looms
1887 Jubilee Mill Pall Mall   Jolly weaving
1897 Weldbank Printworks Plock Estate   Barton Kershaw Calico bleaching and printing
1897-1900 Diamond Mill Railway Road   George Edge  
1902 Weavers Institute Chapel Street   Chorley Weavers Association  
1903 Hope Mill Lucas Street     Cotton and Muslin
1905 Fosterfield Eaves Lane   Fosterfield Mill Co. Ltd Cotton goods.
Owned by Eli Heyworth of Blackburn when he died in 1904? He was born 1839 in Chorley the son of James Heyworth, cotton manufacturer.
1906 Talbot Bagganley   Talbot Spinning & Weaving Co.  
1906 Cowling Mill Cowling   Cowling Spinning Co. Ltd Spinning
1910 Yarrow Mill Yarrow Road   Downs, Coulter &Co.  
1914 Park Mills Deighton Road   Joseph Blackledge &Sons Extended 1959
1914 Weaving Shed Grime Street   Ash & Livesey Leyland Motors
Dec 2015 updates:
1785 Crosse Hall - Black Brook - James Duxbury - Printworks. Deleted & updated to 1786.
1824 - Cowling Mill - Cowling - Hole & Wilkinson - Calico printing. Deleted & included in 1786 line.