Birkacre “Our Story”

G.Bellis R.Roocroft

Following on from our Coppull Memories Video,we decided, about three years ago to have a look at Birkacre. Many people have produced booklets, pamphlets and articles on the history of Birkacre over the years, but none of it is widely available. Taking advantage of modern technology, we have produced a double DVD set covering the growth and development of Birkacre in words and pictures.
Birkacre in words and pic.
Vol 1, is in reality a book in the form of a DVD, giving century by century, from the 11th Century onwards, the events and people whom we consider to have contributed to the history of Birkacre.
In Vol 2, we have arranged and sorted Geoff’s images into meaningful chapters. Each image has a spoken commentary with it. We have one special chapter that we have entitled “Birkacre through the Lens of Colin Smith F.R.P.S”. Colin, born and bred in Coppull, has an international reputation as a wildlife photographer.
For further information check this link (350K image)