CONSTITUTION (voted in at the AGM 13 Sep 2011).
previous version Nov 2007

Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society.

Subsequently the constitution was issued to all members prior to the AGM on 11 Sep 2007. It was voted on and accepted without amendment at the 11 Sep 2007 AGM.

1) The name of the society shall be the ‘Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society’.

2) The aims and objectives of the society will be 'In furtherance of the aims, but not otherwise, the committee shall have the following powers; To raise funds and to invite and receive contributions, provided that in raising funds the committee shall not undertake any substantial trading activities and shall conform to the requirements of the law. Power to do all such things that are necessary for the achievement of the aims'. Areas adjoining Chorley Borough will also be studied where overlapping historical or archaeological places/sites etc. are relevant to the furtherance of the society aims. The Society will liaise with other groups or organisations to further our activities.

3) The Society shall be administered by a Committee consisting of:
Up to 6 committee members:
these members will include the following responsibilities;
Minutes Secretary,
Ordinary members may be co-opted by the committee as necessary.

All the committee members will serve in post for a period of one year and will be eligible for re-election at the following Annual General Meeting.
Nominations for the committee are to be submitted to the Secretary up to the evening prior to the AGM.

4) The election of the society committee shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting by either a) a show of hands, or b) a secret ballot. Every member shall have one vote at annual general meetings

The method of voting is to be stated by the Chair prior to the vote taking place. The person having the highest count, by show of hands or ballot paper, will be appointed into the relevant position.

5). At Committee Meetings a Quorum shall consist of not less than 5 persons, 2 of which must be officers. Such members to include any co-opted members.

6) A minimum of four committee meetings will be held between the Annual General Meetings. Additional meetings will be arranged as necessary.

7) The date of the Annual General Meeting shall be during the month of September in each year.

The minutes of the previous AGM will be made available to all members before commencement of the current AGM. On approval of the minutes the Chair of the society will sign and date them as being a true record of the previous years meeting.

8) Full meetings of the society will be held on the second Tuesday of the month except July.

9) An extra ordinary general meeting may be called by the Chair or at the written request of not less than 30% of the ordinary members.

10). Notification of proposed amendments or additions to the Society Constitution must be in writing and sent to the Secretary a minimum of 21 days before an Annual General Meeting. Such proposed amendments or additions to the Society Constitution must be carried by a majority of two-thirds of Members present at the Annual General Meeting.

11) The annual subscription payable by members of the society is due at the AGM. The amount to be agreed at the AGM These are currently £7.50 for adults, £12.00 for couples and half the adult fee for students and/or junior members up to the age of 18 years.
Members will pay a fee of £1.00 per person at each meeting of the society, visitors and none members will pay £2.00 per person

12) A Life Member can be voted in at the Annual General meeting at the discretion of the Committee and will pay no subscriptions.

13) New members joining the society will, on payment of their subscription, be issued with a receipt signed by the Treasurer. New members joining the society between Annual General Meetings, will pay a subscription proportionate to the month of joining, such as a half subscription, or as determined by the Treasurer.

14) Cheques paid by the society will bear the signature of 2 of the following; Treasure, Chair,or Secretary.

15) The society is to maintain its Third Party Insurance, which covers all members of the society at meetings and other activities of the Society.

16). The Society may be dissolved at any time by a resolution passed by 75% of the members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting of the Society or at an extra-ordinary meeting called for that purpose. If, upon the dissolution of the Society there remains after the settling of all liabilities any monies or other assets whatsoever, this shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members or officers of the Society but shall be given or transferred to such groups or organisations that have similar aims and objectives.