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Fri 25 Jul 2014
Refurbished Milestone - Blackburn Road, Whittle-le-Woods.

The Milestone on Blackburn Road, Whittle-le-Woods by Gorse Close 2 miles north of Chorley has now been refurbished. The stone base had been straightened and the iron marker plate repainted by Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council. It is one of only a few on the Chorley to Blackburn route that have survived. The next one towards Blackburn was at Whins Lane near the Leeds and Liverpool canal. The stone remains in the verge but the marker plate was stolen around 2003.

Refurbished milestone at Gorse Close

The Whins Lane milestone plate in 2002
before it was stolen.

Sun 20 Jul 2014
Here is a note from John Harrison about the Martholme Viaduct.

The Martholme Viaduct between Great Harwood and Read has been closed for many years. It was built by the LYR in the 1870s and has 12 arches 75 feet over the River Calder. At one time it was possible to walk across, but it is now fenced off.
Local people are petitioning for it to be re-opened for walkers. This would help to ensure its preservation.

If you'd like to help there is a petition site. The link below should take you there.

MARTHOLME VIADUCT - The Petition Site.

Sat 12/ Sun 13th July 2014
Roman Re-enactment at Ribchester and the Roman Parade Helmet.

The weekend of 12/13th July 2014 was a Roman Re-enactment at Ribchester to celebrate the Museums Centenary.
It is little short of incredible, that the fragile helmet and associated finds, survived more or less intact beneath the soil for the best part of 2000 years, and then, just as remarkable, survived their discovery at the hands of a teenager.

The Ribchester Parade Helmet was found in the village, near what was the Eastern gate of the fort, in1796, by a young person who was digging, and has now returned to its original Roman home to mark the museums Centenery, graciously on loan by the British Museum, where it has been displayed since 1814. The helmet was noted Britain's 'Second best Roman find' behind the Vindolanda tablets according to a web site poll by the Channel 4 T.V. programme Time Team.
This amazing artefact will be on display at the Ribchester Museum until October 2014.
Weekdays 10-00a.m. to 5-00 p.m. and weekends 12-00 noon to 5-00 p.m
Adults £3.00 OAPS £2.50 Child over 5. £1.50 and under 5 Free.
Check this link for the Ribchester Museum Trust.

Tue 08 Jul 2014
Neil Birtles - Guided history walk at Rivington

Last year, as part of the Heritage Open Days in September 2013, CHAS member Neil led a history tour of Rivington on Sun 15 Sep 2013. Heavy rain kept many people away but the tour went ahead anyway. Neil decided to re-run the tour and give people another chance to enjoy Rivington’s history. Many more people turned up but unfortunately so did the rain.
Neil’s tour started at Rivington Hall Barn, the top Barn. As we set off walking the rain began. Around Rivington Hall Neil pointed out the mix of window types as the building had been modified over the centuries. A walk to Chapel House and then the Rivington Unitarian Chapel followed. By the Chapel is the grave of Samuel Oldknow.

By the grave of Samuel Oldknow.

The gravestone reads:
Here lieth the Body of Samuel Oldknow
of Nottingham late of Anderton who
departed this life Aug 7th 1759

He lived at Roscoe Low Farm, Anderton and was reputedly the first man in England to manufacture muslin, a fine cotton.

Samuels Son, also Samuel Oldknow continued in cotton manufacturing.
There is more information in the ‘Notes on Rivington Unitarian Chapel’ by Joan Holding and Colin D. Rogers

We then crossed the road to the Parish Church which we had previously visited on 18 May 2008.

Gravestone of Samuel Oldknow.

Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society members outside the Unitarian Chapel, Rivington.