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Wed/Thu 30/31 Dec 2009
Demolition of the Hygienic Laundry / Initial Solutions site

The Hygienic Laundry site off Harper's Lane is now substantially demolished. Only the office buildings remain and the closing days of 2009 saw the commencement of their demolition

The office on Wed 30 Dec 2009

The office buildings c1960

The office one day later.

The Harper's Lane sign

One of the larger buildings being demolished

The demolition men

Wed 02 Dec 2009
Recent Archaeological Work in the Royal Borough of Wigan
by Ian Miller, Oxord Archaeology North.

Wigan Archaeological Society has now move across the road to new premises at the Upper Morris Street Working Men’s Club.
Ian Miller of Oxford Archaeology North made his welcome annual return to the Society. He called his talk ‘Recent Archaeological Work in the Royal Borough of Wigan’ He wanted to use the description ‘Royal’ while it is still active as Wigan Borough want to drop it. This reminds me of Chorley Council’s decision to drop the ‘Borough’ part of their name. Ian’s said that it had been a relatively quiet year for his organisation, presumably a result of the continuing reductions in funds caused by the building slump and general economic problems.

Possible location of Wigan's Roman Fort/Camp

Based on the locations of possible fort ditches and barrack buildings Ian was able to come up with some suggestions for the location of the fort that is thought to have existed in Wigan. The Bath House site that was extensively excavated would have been just outside the fort.
Some further suggestions were put forward about the location of the Roam Coccium, which is generally thought to have been Wigan. The most recent suggestion is that it could have been Standish.


The same area shown on an aerial photograph.

A plan of the Roman Roads showing why Wigan may not have been the Roman Coccium due it's deviation off the line of the road to Walton-le-Dale.

Well preserved Roman tent pegs found to the east of the Bath House site.

Reconstruction drawing of a Roman marching camp.