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Dec 2017

Tue 12 Dec 2017
Quiz evening & Jacob's join.


The December meeting of Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society is traditionally a quiz night, raffle where everyone gets a prize and a sumptuous Jacob's join. The phrase is used to describe a shared meal - where everybody brings something and puts it on a table for people to help themselves.

Sumptuous spread

The evening had a sad tinge to it as it would be the last in the excellent Chorley Library lecture room where we have been meeting for about 11 years. Staffing problems now mean that out of hours meetings canít be catered for. Our next meeting will be in Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Gillibrand Walks, Chorley. PR7 2HF
After the festivities our Chairperson Joan Dickinson presented some flowers to Elizabeth of the Library staff who has been extremely helpful to our Society over the years.

Elizabeth and Joan