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Fri 28 Mar 2014

An unusual night view of Rivington Pike Tower being illuminated by floodlights.

Tue 11 Mar 2014
Peter Watson - Dimensions of Time

It had been quite some time since Peter last gave a talk to us and it was about time he did it again. Peter invited everyone to open their minds about the subject of time. He admitted he doesn’t understand it himself and asked if anyone knew would they let him know.
Peter’s journey in, around and about time started with time zones and the adjustments of time in spring and autumn. Where did time go when we adjusted our clocks? And how long will it before time ends? Where does it end?
An abstract idea but think about dimensions of a solid object, say a table. We can only see it in a 3 dimensional way, length, height and width. Einstein said there is a 4th dimension – time. How many more dimensions could there be?
Some people say they can see the future and some say the future is fixed. A dream can be experienced that comes true in fine detail at some point in the future and, personally, I can relate to that.

Peter Watson

Peter then described numerous examples of some of what some people might say were ‘ghost’ sightings. I should stress that he didn’t describe them as such in his hour long talk. His examples graphically described what could be a different dimension of time or a parallel universe. An instance was where someone or something is viewed from another time.
Precognition – someone who can see the future.
A girl was said to have seen her death twice before she actually became a victim of the Aberfan disaster on 21 Oct 1966.
A 16 year old girl visitor to Fountains Abbey is said to have glimpsed the abbey in its proper state along with monks.
Can you visit the past? Someone is said to have been driving along country lanes in Warwickshire close to the site of the battle of Edge Hill. Suddenly the hedgerow disappears and a Cavalier on horseback was seen to be coming towards them. The image then disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Did that person experience a time slip?
Do these and many other stories of sightings Peter described prove that there are other dimensions of time?
Peter, as he had said at the beginning, could not explain time and left it to members of the audience to come to their own conclusions.
And, as it was now time for refreshments, Peter had to bring his talk to an end until next time.

Peter Robinson

Fri 07 Mar 2014
Annual Dinner at the Sea View, Whittle-le-Woods

Chorley Historical & Archaeological Society celebrated 60 years at our annual meal at The Sea View on Friday 7th March 2014
There is a question that we need to follow up. ie. A report in the Chorley Guardian of Feb. 1924, regarding a meeting of the Chorley Historical Society being addressed by Mr. Donald Atkinson B.A. of Manchester University, the subject being 'The Civilisation of Roman Britain' . The full text being in our Archive section on our website.
It will be great to dig back into our own history, to see if we should probably have been celebrating our 90th anniversary ???

Joan Dickinson

Tue  04 Mar 2014

Evening meeting at Chorley Town Hall to discuss possible future premises for the Chorley Heritage Support Group. A lot of archive material has already been collected and is now in store. To promote Chorley and its heritage suitable premises are urgently needed. The meeting was with CHCSG and senior members of Chorley Council. We are not there yet, but a lot nearer than at the start of the meeting. It was interesting to note that the meeting room had large images of old Chorley on the walls.

B. Harris

l to r: Jamie Carson, Stewart Clewlow, Barry Lowe, Bill Walker, David Tetlow, Cllr Alistair Bradley.