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Tue 10th Sep 2019
Annual Review of Projects.

Sun 14 Sep 2019. Official Opening of the Duxbury History & Township Trails.
Many thanks to John and Christine Harrison who made it happen.

Below are some images from the review by Boyd Harris.

Tramroad Bridge in 1800s

Tramroad Bridge over the River Ribble is now closed 

Astley Hall staircase Aug 2019

Astley Hall staircase 1920s

23rd Mar 2019 official re-opening of
Rivington Pigeon Tower by Sir Lindsay Hoyle

Pigeon Tower or Dovecote Tower

Top floor

Built in 1910 by Lord Leverhulme
The fireplace engraved with the initials of William Heskth and Elizabeth Ellen Lever run in a circular wheel above the family motto, MUTARE VEL TIMERE SPERNO - "To change or to fear I spurn".

ROC (Royal Observer Corps) monitoring post on Denham Hill, Brindle is being refurbished

Access ladder descends 5m



Duke Bar Burnley May 2019

Duke Bar early 1900s