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Tue 11th June 2019
Wendy Klinkenberg – History of Tiles.

Wendy’s interest in tiles started from her their styles and the cultures they represent. Assisted by her mother, her illustrated talk started at the point in history to when the earliest tiles have been dated.
Ancient civilisations that existed over 4,000 years ago in lands covering modern day Iraq and Iran produced finely made tiles. Laminated images of such tiles, and examples through the ages to modern times, were passed around the attendees.
In a talk that spanned the ages she explained the Arab influences on medieval European tile manufacture due to the Crusades.
Islamic style tiles entered Europe through Spain and, later still, to Latin America. These examples can still be seen in buildings standing today.

Ann (Wendy's mother) and Wendy Klinkenberg
Wendy covered the manufacturing processes of tiles through the ages. Innovative developments of production methods during the Victorian age led to the number and speed at which tiles could be produced. This led to a decrease in their price and the greater affordability of them to more people that led to more demand.
By the 20th century modern technology can produce any type of tile that is required, including the mimicking of ancient tiles.
Wendy’s talk shed light on a practical item of modern life that reflects the culture of the time it was produced.

Steam Omnibus tile by Thorneycroft 1902

Peter Robinson