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Thu 31 Dec 2020
Paul Tate (10th March 1951 - 26th December 2020).


It is with sadness that I report the death of Paul Tate. Paul was a co-founder of Chorley Film Society and also a member of Chorley Historical & Archaeological Society. He was a very friendly and likeable person with a skill of telling terrible jokes and stories so they sounded hilarious.

Paul Tate.

Estelle Briers has sent me some fascinating information about Paul that we’d like to share.
Paul was an integral part of the Chorley Film Society from when it formed in 1986 to when it disbanded in 2019. He avidly enjoyed all the arts and was a familiar face to everyone who came to our films as he invariably greeted people with a friendly smile and an old joke before asking for their money. As the Society's raffle man at one point he brought in nearly 20% of all the income but it's for his film introductions that he will be best remembered. Usually ignoring the film entirely in favour of a rambling comic story, it's fair to say he made our screenings unique, warm, welcoming and full of character. His cheery smile and passionate optimism will be missed, and our love and thoughts go to his family.

Paul was 2nd ever editor of Pluto (furthest from the Sun) the newspaper of Preston Poly then University of Central Lancs 1991 - 4. I think he came up with the name. This role was won by a yearly campaign for Students to vote, his slogan was You know he makes no sense ! Pluto parties were legendary, always meant to begin with his lecture on the history of the pencil sharpener and could travel by train to Chorley or Manchester & back. His homeP was referred to as Lime Grove Studios. Pluto was a bit like Private Eye.

One of Paul’s first jobs was in the Hong Kong Police. He came to Chorley in 1972 & opened a betting shop.
He then did Combined Modules to get a degree at UCLAN and then into Insurance.
His main focus was on attending community events & being the reader in church. He did the raffle at the Film Society for most of its history - often being the only profit. His film introductions were legendary & often infuriating. His commitment to a long term self devised joke that only he understood put him into the realms of DaDa or surrealism.
He loved slapstick & panto. One Xmas he managed to see 21 pantos in 21 days. His favorite play was The Importance of Being Ernest, which he would travel to see in any venue that put it on.

Paul's Final Request was that after the ceremonies, at the graveside for all there to listen to "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" by the Smiths be played. One last joke. Some lyrics from the song "I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I'm miserable now" Paul always put that on the jukebox wherever he went.

The Requiem Mass to Celebrate the Life of Paul was at St Gregory's R,C, Church, Weldbank, Chorley
Thursday 31st Dec 2020a t 10:00am

Paul Tate