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Tue 14 Jan 2020
Bill Walker - Myles Standish 'Man of Mystery'


Myles Standish – Man of Mystery by Bill Walker
This talk was the first of a planned series of Chorley events during 2020 to mark the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from England to North America.
Bill’s talk was part of a Chorley project supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund.
The ‘Man of Mystery’ aspect of Myles Standish became apparent very quickly as Bill said that little was known about him as a young man.

Bill Walker


Chorley lays claim to him but, in the past, so did the Isle of Man.
What is not in doubt is the important role he played establishing the colony, in what became Plymouth, in present day Massachusetts. His name has not been forgotten by people in present day USA.
It was Myles Standish’s will that cast light on the seemingly strong links with this part of Lancashire. Bill’s talk was very well received by a packed audience who came to learn more about the ‘Man of Mystery’.

Contemporary portrait of Myles Standish.

Peter Robinson