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Tue 10 Mar 2020
Steve Halliwell – My Work as a Local History Detective.


Steve spoke to the Society several years ago and his subject matter then was a fellow Prestonian character, Moses Holden (1777-1864). Holden featured in this talk too, the first one held at the Society’s new venue at Primrose Gardens.
The fundamentals of the research into local history and family history are inextricably linked. His talk covered the wide range of resources, for example, public record offices and reference libraries, that may be used in undertaking successful research.

Steve Halliwell.

His research into Moses Holden was an example of many of these resources that may be used in building a family tree and a more detailed local history.
He stressed the importance of small facts that can lead to the piecing together to form a bigger picture.
A lively and informative talk was concluded by a look at humorous, from a 21st century standpoint, press cuttings from a selection of old newspapers.

Moses Holden (1777-1864)

P Robinson.