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Houghton House Farm, School Lane, Euxton.
Mon 16 July 2012

The Society had been contacted by the owner of Houghton House Farm, School Ln., Euxton about a stone column in his garden which may be part of an old Euxton Cross.

The house was purchased by the owner in 1980, when Kevill’s were selling off the farm and barn, separately.

It was originally owned by Kevill’s grandfather (Halliwells) who lived at Houghton House until 1914. Later the Woods family were tenants who said the ‘Stone’ was reputed to have been taken to Houghton House from the centre of Euxton (assumed somewhere near the Parish Church) for safe keeping, prior to 1914. It was described as ‘Euxton Cross’ by Kevill’s grandfather.

Houghton House Farmhouse is a grade II listed building.
English Heritage Building ID: 357630


J.D. & B.H.

Houghton House Farm, front view.

The Stone in the garden. The capping stone
is thought to be a later addition.

Houghton House Farm, front view. It is interesting to note that the old photo on the right shows another door to the right, now converted to a window.

An old undated photo of Houghton House Farm.