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January 2007


Fri 26 Jan 2007

Yarrow Valley Country Park, Chorley.

Four members of the Society attended a meeting at the Yarrow Valley Country Park centre at Birkacre. We met Sarah Leach, the Countryside Education Officer, to discuss the promotion of various historical aspects of the park.
Roger and Geoff brought along some literature on the updated DVD they are producing about the area. It is nearing completion and could be available for purchase at the centre.
Although there are brochures available to inform people of the local history it was agreed that they were in need of updating and reprinting in a more presentable format.
Some ruins of historical building exist nearby and it was suggested that some could be cleaned up and 'stabilised' so the outline can be seen. Nearby display boards with photographs would help people to visualise what the history looked like. Several other suggestions were discussed and these will be taken back to the Council for discussion.

Sun 21 Jan 2007

A Centenary Service of Thanksgiving for
Alfred Wainwright (1907 - 1991)

Three of our Society members, along with the Mayor and Mayoress of both Blackburn and Darwen, and members of the Wainwright Society, were amongst about 250 people who turned out on a very rainy, blustery day to enjoy the Centenary Celebration Service for Alfred Wainwright, who was born in Blackburn and went on to become famous for his books and walks all around the Lake District. Animal Rescue, Cumbria was also close to his heart when he founded the charity, of which Betty Wainwright is still the President. It was a wonderful tribute service, followed by refreshments in the refectory.

Wed 17 Jan 2007

Alfred Wainwright centenary walk, Witton Park, Blackburn.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the author of the definitive walking guided to Cumbria and parts of Yorkshire. The event was marked in Blackburn by a guided walk and was attended by Boyd Harris. A report of the walk, plus photos, can be seen here.

Chorley Environmental Action Group.

The Historical Society is represented on this group and the Wednesday evening meeting was attended by Boyd Harris. Some of the items discussed and needing further consideration were:
Waste recycling guidance. More information is needed on how best to segregate household waste. The Chorley Council website gives no guidance on this.
CEAG has a website registered but it is not yet active. This was stated as a possible area for recycling guidance to be given.
Future meetings are proposed to be on the third Wednesday of each month.
Several other groups have been written to and invited to provide input but none have replied.
The local press have been contacted about the group's activities but it has been unable to get any support.

Tue 09 Jan 2007

Dr Alan Crosby visited us to give his presentation:
'The faith of our fathers:
religion and Lancashire history 1500 to 1900'

This fascinating subject has shaped our lives and surroundings for centuries.
Without props or notes Alan described the tortuous journey or ancestors took to avoid persecution and survive a changing tolerance of the various religions. The main turning point occurred during the reign of Henry V111 when the break was made from Rome. However, Lancashire remained the last stronghold of Catholicism and little conflict occurred within the county as its allegiance was generally considered to be to the county first and the faith second.

Dr Alan Crosby

Fri 05 Jan 2007

Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia, the definitive on-line encyclopaedia, had and excellent section on Chorley. The links section at the end of the article now has a link to this website. (Thanks to Joan for pointing out that we weren't there until today)